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Jan Vanriet | Pieśń Losu / Song of Destiny

Jan Vanriet | Pieśń Losu / Song of Destiny

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Pieśń Losu / Song of Destiny at the National Museum Gdańsk, 15.05.2015 - 13.09.2015
ISBN: 9788363185923
Sizes: 25,7 x 30,5 cm
Pages: 192, Polish | English edition
Cover: hardcover
Publisher: National Museum Gdańsk / Roberto Polo Gallery | 2015
Texts by Wojciech Bonisławski, Adam Zagajewski, Paul Huvenne, Friedrich Hölderlin, Zofia Machnicka, Charlotte Mullins, Jan Vanriet

Jan Vanriet’s art, like that of the old masters, deals with things that are part of life, and he is not afraid to address the big themes. His work has something to say: it is layered and carries an ideological charge. But Vanriet also knows his classics stylistically, and he builds on a long tradition of seeking out the right form and the appropriate technique for it. As he explores thelimits of art and illusion as an instrument, drawing in the beholder as he does so, he is therefore following in the footsteps of the old masters. No matter how sombre his message can be at times, the painter remains a playful type – a finder of forms, who expands his horizons in ways that can be surprisingly graceful, accomplished and light-hearted.

This is what the exhibition in Gdansk is about. The project is woven around the theme of destiny, which is a vein running through virtually Vanriet’s entire oeuvre. It offers a survey of his painted work in all its diversity: sometimes dark; sometimes cheerful and effervescent; sometimes oppressively tragic; sometimes idyllically poetic. Yet throughout, we are aware of a constant, familiar hand: the hand of a master who knows what painting means.

(Paul Huvenne)