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Tomek Partyka | X Times X

Tomek Partyka | X Times X

Published on the occasion of the exhibition X TIMES X at the Roberto Polo Gallery, Brussels, 23.04.2015 – 07.06.2015
ISBN: 9791092599077
Sizes: 24,8 x 29,5 cm
Pages: 80
Cover: hardcover
Publisher: Roberto Polo Gallery | 2015

'... Partyka is not, in fact, a hot-headed expressionist or a violent maniac in the studio. His painting comes from a deeply thoughtful and measured approach to his work. Every stage in his painting process is a mechanism of refinement. He applies himself in intense, focused bursts, and spends as much time preparing his canvas, cleaning the floor and arranging his materials, as he does painting.

The apparent accidents in his pictures – the explosions of paint, the drips, the scribbles, the stains and the smears – are all skilfully controlled. Freedom, anyway, is something of an overrated cliché. In the second decade of the 21st Century, an artist can do anything he likes, though he will never escape the piercing and judgmental gaze of the past. Vermeer, Goya, Matejko, even Hopper: they cast a long shadow.

In response, Partyka has opted to refashion history from his own perspective, on his own terms. He is the master of parallel universes, alternate pasts that may lead to different futures. He does not really wish harm upon these artists anyway. They are his relatives and his teachers – demonstrating the degree of discipline and ambition required of him before he can build his own National Museum in Graudenz.'

Text by Jonathan Griffin